Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eternal Security is a Myth!

Jesus said it, “He who endures to the end shall be saved!” (Mt10:22) MANY refuse to believe it and FEW remain in the faith that ‘once believed’ in His Name. The false teachers have millions convinced that genuine eternal salvation can be had in a moment’s time and kept without the slightest bit of effort put forth by the participant. But NOTHING could be further from the truth!

Taken on face value the Bible clearly teaches a Conditional security, showing that God’s Grace Works in concert with man’s Obedience resulting in a Steadfast and enduring faith that purifies the heart & has Victory over the world! (1Pet1:22, 1Jh5:4, Rom2:7)
All else is the ‘devil’s faith’ (Js2:19) and works only spiritual death and ruin. Those who remain in bondage to the inward corruption of sin have NOT the faith spoken of in the Bible. They may have assurance of sins forgiven through the doctrines of men, but reality speaks for itself. Destitute of the Spirit and Void of personal holiness, they wander in the wilderness of time drifting ever closer to the great Judgment. (Mt7:21-23)

In the Bible the word ‘Keep’ means to Hold Firmly, Guard, attend to carefully and Watch. When Jesus said, “IF you love Me you will KEEP My Commandments!” He meant exactly that. You will indeed HOLD FAST to My Word, Carefully Guard and Watch so that what you have attained by FAITH will not slip away and become of no value. Thus the Gospel message proclaimed: (check Heb2:1-2)
“By this Gospel you are saved, IF you HOLD FIRMLY to the Word which I preached, unless you have believed in vain.” 1Cor15:2

The Message and the Condition in a nutshell. Rejected outright by MOST professing Christians because it interferes with their doctrine. Yet the Word stands firm. Grace through faith saves you on the CONDITION you HOLD FIRMLY to the truth. Otherwise NOTHING in Scripture makes sense!

When you are told time & time again to: Hold Fast, Keep yourself Pure, Add to your faith, Make every effort to enter by the Narrow Gate and Guard your heart, to WHAT purpose would it serve IF salvation was unconditional? Faith would indeed ‘Make Void the law’ under such a notion. But Clearly FAITH establishes the law! (Rom3:31) That’s why obedience to God’s Commands is not optional.

Addressing every argument opposed to the Conditions of Scripture is NOT the purpose of this tract. Awakening you to the perils of believing in Vain is! Remember Scripture states that the devils believe and tremble.
The ONLY difference between you and them is WHAT you DO with God’s Word! You are either receiving it to the saving of the soul, or hearing and NOT doing.  (James1:21-27)

Jesus said you MUST CONTINUE to put His Word into practice! Lk8:21 That’s the difference between those who will make it and those who won’t. Dig DEEP! Lk6:48

But that means nothing to you. You’re once saved always saved, once a son always a son, nothing can separate you from God’s love and no one can snatch you out of His hand! Correct? You can produce reams of explanation by the most imminent Bible scholars of our time that PROVES salvation is unconditional and NOTHING can effect its outcome once I have received it! It’s not of works lest any man should boast!

But True Salvation is WORK from Start to Finish. The Work of faith with Power! 2Thess1:11 It’s the Word of God WORKING in you as you RECEIVE, OBEY and PUT it into PRACTICE! (Lk11:28)

Eternal life will be given ONLY to those who by Patient Continuance in DOING GOOD seek for glory honor and immortality. Those who are self-seeking and DO NOT OBEY the truth will receive indignation and wrath.” Rom2:7-8

This has NOTHING to do with man’s opinion. It is simply stated and easily understood. If you want to inherit eternal life, you will OBEY what it says. If you are looking for a loophole, you will find it in the teaching of men. Everything Christ taught about entering His Kingdom involves Diligent Obedience. The Means of Grace include ALL the elements of His teaching: Repentance, Faith, Self Denial, Obedience, Endurance and Hope. Eliminate any ONE of these from your preaching and the Gospel has lost its effectiveness to transform the hearts of men.

Jesus said to both BELIEVE & ENDURE! (Jh3:16, Mt10:22) He said both to OBEY and DENY yourself! (Jh15:14, Lk9:23) Faith not accompanied by ALL of these is inoperative, destitute of power to save the soul! That’s why Jesus said to Build on the Solid Rock of His Truth! (Mat7:24) It requires effort to enter into life. Faith is Both Substance & Evidence. Thus it moves the soul toward Steadfast obedience to God’s Word. (Heb11:1, 6-8)

You are to be presented to Him holy & blameless, IF you CONTINUE in the faith GROUNDED, STEAD FAST and IMMOVABLE!” Col1:22-23  Does this describe your faith? The Bible assures us that we have become PARTAKERS of Christ IF we HOLD FIRMLY the beginning of our confidence STEADFAST to the end!”  Heb3:14

Diligence, Obedience and Steadfast endurance describe those who will inherit the Kingdom. NOT head knowledge, church attendance and the doctrines of men.  You can trust in a cliche’ or in the AUTHORITY of God’s Holy Word. It’s your choice. But God gives eternal life ONLY to those who OBEY Him! Heb5:9.

The BIGGEST lie Satan ever told is that you can ‘sin and not die’ (Gen3:4) Based on the assumption that God’s Warnings do not mean what they say. In other words, IF doesn’t mean IF!

Craftiness of the highest order, corrupting you from the SIMPLICITY that is in Christ! (2Cor11:3) But millions have embraced this lie to their eternal ruination along with its evil companion that teaches NO EFFORT is required to enter into life, only faith in Christ. Ignoring the SINGLE element of FAITH that ACTIVATES Gods Saving Power... OBEDIENCE! (1Jhn2:3-5)

Thus we have multitudes of professing Christians with the faith of devils. Destined to burn in eternal fire unless the LIGHT of the Glory of Christ should shine on them, split the Veil blinding their mind and awaken them to a life of Steadfast obedience to God!

Christ is not a Minister of sin and Grace will not make up for your lack of obedience to the truth. Religious deception is a powerful force and a Gospel that appeals to your self-indulgence is not easily overcome by the simple Truth of Scripture. Jesus said that the Kingdom of heaven is taken by violent and forceful action! Mt11:12, If then the Righteous are saved with great difficulty, 1Pet4:18, and we are Commanded by Jesus to STRIVE to enter by the Narrow Gate, Lk13:24 WHAT will the end be of those who OBEY NOT these things?

Grace through faith saves you, but you are NOT exempt from OBEDIENCE to enter into life. The warnings stand. Follow the doctrines of men who explain these things away if you wish, but KNOW beyond ALL doubt that ‘eternal security’ is a MYTH!

He who ENDURES to the end shall be saved!” Mt10:22

“Behold I come quickly, HOLD FAST what you have, that NO ONE may take your crown!” Rev3:11


  1. Well my brother, that is only a halve sided gospel.
    But you should also preach the salvation which is the free Gift of God which is by grace and not by works lest any man should boast.

  2. Hello Thomas,
    I believe that you have been taught this by the Word itself, in Jesus, and not through man's doctrine. We must work out our salvation with fear and trembling - which means respect and passion in my eyes.

  3. Hello again Thomas,
    I want to come back when I have more time to read your other posts. It is nice to meet you.
    God bless you.

    1. Hi Brenda, nice to meet you too!
      My favorite post on here is Jesus said at the last day. It was my first attempt at a post. Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it!

  4. Thomas, I was reading your post again and was reminded of something that happened to me a long time ago. I had not long been born again and I was aware that the Lord, through His word, was convicting me and convincing me that there was something in my life that I needed to bring into line with the word of God. However I was a little slow in changing, even though I was feeling guilt. One day I opened my Bible and a verse stood out like a neon sign and even appeared to grow in size in front of my eyes. It was 'He, that being often reproved hardens his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.' Proverbs ch. 29 v. 1. That is when it was really emphasized to me that God's Word is a living word. The new testament is full of 'if's'. We can all call ourselves 'believers' but it is ' as a man thinks so he is.' When we become part of God's Spiritual Israel we have to eat the strong meat in order to be changed, it is no good leaving it on the plate.

    1. Brenda, Thank you for telling me about what happened to you. I believe that it would do all Christians well (including myself), to remember how clear God is in His Word. Especially Proverbs 29:1. You are correct about the quantity of "if's" that are in the Bible, it is a lot!!

  5. He corrects us because He loves us Tim, and it is only after we have grown in the Spirit a little that we see the depth of that love and the danger of being deceived and under the control of the spiritual enemy if we do not act on the word of God enlightened to us by the Holy Spirit.